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Behavior Consulting, OT and SLP
At Stepping Stones we pride ourselves in offering a well rounded, whole child program. Our entire team connects on a regular basis and works together to pass along information pertinent to your child's program.  The interventionist works closely with all our clinicians.

Each child ages 1-6 in our program will have a Behavior Consultant on their team. The Consultant will oversee your child's progress and develop the goals that generate the sessions.  Your child will also have access to an OT and an SLP if it is determined that this would be beneficial.  The OT and SLP come into Stepping Stones regularly to see your child and work with the interventionist to develop valuable programs and methods.

We also offer Behavior Consulting for children over 6.  We can meet with schools, daycares and families to ensure that your child is supported in all environments.  

You may also have access to At-Home Funding which may entitle your child to receive OT or SLP services.