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Welcome to Stepping Stones Therapy Inc.

    At Stepping Stones Children's Therapy Center we provide children diagnosed with Autism, and other related disabilities, a place where they can learn and grow into well rounded individuals.

    We are a group of highly trained Behavior Interventionists, consultants and clinicians.  Together we have many years of experience and education related to children with autism and other related disabilities.  We have combined our talents and experience to provide a unique, ABA and evidence-based, quality program that will enhance your child’s abilities in learning, communicating and socializing.  

    Our program aims to build their skills in a variety of domains by providing all of the steps of acquisition, generalizing and maintenance within a functional, real life training environment including other children and situations which will enhance and strengthen their skills. 

    We are a full service program, collaborating to meet all the needs of your child from programming to intervention. 

    We offer consulting, intervention, life skills classes and social skills classes for children of all ages!  We also offer OT, SLP and counselling services.

Please give us a call at 250-472-8304 to see what we have to offer your child!

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